An Introduction To Halo Respawn

Hello everyone, welcome to Halo Respawn. We’re here to give you an update on what we’ve been doing so far and what we’re planning for the future. A big thank you to all those so far in the community that have checked out Halo Respawn via our Podcasts, on Twitter or on Discord.

Why are we here?

Halo Respawn has a number of goals in mind, but at the heart is the community. One of our goals is to foster the growth of the Halo Community for the next generation. We want it to be a place where Halo players from all over the world can come together and bond. New friendships and new competitors alike are found within communities and Halo Respawn hopes to make that process even easier.

It’s not just Halo players we want to connect with either. There is already a large range of sub-communities within the Halo community itself. Whether it be a Youtuber and their community, or an e-sports team and their community, we’d love to connect all these communities together in an easy to navigate area. Think of it like a Hub of all already existing Halo communities and a place to make new communities too.

What’s the inspiration behind Halo Respawn?

A lot of the team comes from the days of Halo Charts, GrifballHub,, Ready Up Live, Halo Tracker, Halo.Bungie.Org and more. The community back in 2007-2010 were all very active in forums. Very willing to communicate with each other regardless of views. The community has become somewhat segmented as of late, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Longtime Halo fans and new Halo fans alike should have a place where they can talk, without feeling pressured to have a certain view on the franchise. Freedom of discussion without the worry of one opinion causing an argument. A friendly environment full of people who are willing to talk about the Halo they love, whilst also listening to people enjoy the other things. Halo Respawn is aiming to be a platform where communities can come together and where people can find new communities to join.

Halo Respawn wants to focus on highlighting the community. That’s the real inspiration behind Halo Respawn, a rebirth of the Halo Community, hence the name “Respawn.” Fans of the franchise can find a place that isn’t officially monitored by the team at Xbox or 343 Industries but instead looked after by fellow Halo fans who just want the community to come together and share their love and creations. As HaloWaypoint is the official home for Halo, our goal is to be the official home for the Halo Community.

Where has Halo Respawn been?

Halo Respawn was created in Early Summer of 2019. There have been a few good events in the Halo community since then, such as Halo Outpost, which allowed some content to be created. Halo Respawn picked up a range of new team members, which allowed brand new content to make its way into Halo Respawn. One such example is the Halo Respawn podcast. It’s no secret that the content slowed down for a little though, so we thought we’d update the community as to why.

The first point that people often ask is “Is Halo Respawn just a podcast?” The answer to that question is no. Whilst the Podcast was the most regular content for Halo Respawn, there is so much more content than that of the Podcast. The reason for the lack of content in every other area is simple. The team had to take a break. Children born, houses moved, jobs changed and even all three at once, it was near impossible for the team to run without most of its members being available.

Now that the team is finding their feet after all the life changes, the site and all the other additions to the Halo Respawn content can begin. It seems like the team came back just in time for the launch of Halo Reach on PC and Xbox. Coincidence? Possibly, but we’ll all be eating pizza regardless. There won’t be any set schedules for things getting put into place, but most of the content will be coming very very soon.

What does the future hold for Halo Respawn?

There are a lot of concepts planned for the future of Halo Respawn. Luckily we’re ready to share some of these concepts right now! The main concept and backbone of the Halo Respawn website is the Halo Community Index. This index is a listing of prominent Halo Communities and Content Creators. It’s almost an interactive encyclopedia for finding a brand new community or revisiting a community you might have forgotten about over the years. We want to highlight those who strive to uplift and foster the growth of the Halo Community. It’s really easy to set up an entry into the Community Index, so if you have a community you’d like to share, click here to send us your submission. The Community Index will be updated monthly once it gets off the ground. More detailed information will be coming soon.

The next concept is another Index idea, but this one is purely for Halo lore. Simply named “The Halo Index”, not to get confused with the activation index, is a fully interactive lore-based timeline concept. This concept is a place where we can connect the lore community, whether it be official lore or fan-made content and help new people pick up information that they might want to know. Nothing is better than learning with friends or teaching someone something new. With The Halo Index, we hope that some leading lore experts in the Halo community can help lead new members into grasping some of the basic or more complicated Halo lore. If you’d be interested in getting involved, you can send us a message on twitter @HaloRespawn.

The website itself is another major point of Halo Respawn. In a lot of ways, it is the core of all we do, but it’s also the core of all you do too. The website exists to highlight the community, as stated above, but it’s more than just podcasts and indexes. It’s also a place filled with community content. Whether it be articles, fanmade art, videos, community events, and more, the team at Halo Respawn is always looking to highlight creations made by the community. It’s really simple to get involved. Simply contact the team via the twitter account above, or visit the Contact Us page to inquire about submitting your content.

At its current point, the website is in Stage 1: Basic Features. The site currently serves as a place to share community content and to give us a place to communicate with the community. Our vision for the future is much more ambitious and full of new ideas. Some of these ideas can be seen in the conceptual app we showed early on. These concepts are those we strive to implement over time. Stats, LFG, Teams, personal community pages, and site gamification are just a few of the things we are able to discuss at the moment, but more will be detailed later. Over the coming months the site will take on a very different look and feel as updates and changes will be done over time. Much of this will be impossible without help from the community.

The community and website are ambitious plans that will require a lot of work from both inside and outside of the Halo Respawn team. As Halo Respawn grows, so will the team, so if you’re interested in applying to the team, you can do so by filling out the Staff Submission Form or by contacting us on one of the above-mentioned ways. There are many roles for this great journey, all you need is a desire to help out with the Halo Communities.

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