Community Questions w/Vetteking95 – Halo: Outpost Discovery


Vetteking95 asks some questions about Halo & Halo: Outpost Discovery (@HUNGRYxB3AR featured in thumbnail)

The buzz around Halo: Outpost Discovery is nothing short of incredible, and neither is the experience of attending the event. Halo fans from far and wide have gathered to share their love for the franchise by experiencing the Halo universe on an entirely new level. Outpost Discovery offered some incredible experiences, many of which I personally didn’t get to see myself! I spent my entire weekend meeting fellow fans, community leaders and going to panels. For me, it was incredible to finally meet so many faces I have talked too online, seen on Twitter or Youtube, and have followed since I began my journey in this community many years ago.

My highlight was on Sunday, the final day. I got in the waiting line at 9 am to meet Steve Downes (Voice of Master Chief) & Jen Taylor (Voice of Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey). I waited in this line until 2:30 pm. It was an all-day endeavor but one that I wouldn’t trade. I was able to ask a few Halo fans that I met that weekend and in that very line some questions about Halo, and Halo: Outpost Discovery. That day spent in line gave me a great understanding of the various types of fans our community has to offer and it brings me great hope for the future of this incredible community.

If you’re still curious about Halo: Outpost Discovery make sure you check out the very first episode of the Halo Respawn Podcast and if you want more information and tickets for the upcoming dates in Chicago, Houston, and Anaheim, you can find that here.  


We look forward to more Community Question segments here, not exactly sure of the format, but we are eager to continuously hear and share the voices of the community! – Vetteking95


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