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Spartans Never Die, they are only missing in action, and the same can be said about great communities and experiences.

As we prepare to open our gates to the Halo community we want to say thank you for the support so far! We’ve had an incredible amount of people interested in helping build this new community.

We plan on starting very simple, and over the next few months begin implementing new systems and bettering the overall experience, so the site will continue to change in a noticiable manner.

To stay in the loop and know when we officially open, follow us @HaloRespawn on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Discord!

We are so excited to begin this great journey with all of you!

– Halo Respawn


Have questions? Interested in getting involved? You can email us at admin@halounited.net 

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The Community Index is a listing of prominent and active Halo communities that are dedicated to Halo and the mission of bettering the community for the game series we love.

All submissions will be looked at and and placement will be determined by our team. This form will always be open. As we launch the list will be small, but will continue to grow as we update. These updates will happen on a monthly basis.

* Not all submissions will be accepted. Exact requirements regarding getting placed on the Index will be announced in the future. This heavily applies to content creators on YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch.

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