Halo Community: Featured Artist – CommanderNova702

The Halo Community is filled with many wonderful artists. Fan art, concept art, in game screenshots and much more is created within the talented fanbase of Halo. The Halo Community Featured Artist section of Halo Respawn is a place for such artists to be highlighted. With each instalment a new artist will be featured, with a glimpse of their work on show. Each art piece will feature the artwork and description.

This weeks Featured Artist goes by many names. As both Flame-Lotus. and CommanderNova26 on Twitter, as well as CommanderNova702 on Deviantart. His focus? Creating awesome and incredible art using Source Filmmaker. In his own words “I came a long way from just doing random screenshots to making content with Source Filmmaker. :)” Going by his art, he certainly is creating incredible art. Some of which you can find below.

The Hooded Queen


“Sometimes the best course of action is with a swift, and precise strike against the enemy first before they even notice us…”

Sangheili Alliance Contract: The Prophet of Honor

“The Arbiter has placed a bounty on the Minor Prophet of Honor’s head. This San’shyuum has betrayed the Sangheili and does not deserve to have honor in his title! Kill him and his brute guards! Bring us his crown as a sign of completion. For the Arbiter!”

You can find more art from Drak Meyer on their Twitter or Devinantart. There are always new featured community members and fan content on Halo Respawn, so be sure to check it out.

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