Halo Community: Featured Artist – Mooreshots

The Halo Community is filled with many wonderful artists. Fan art, concept art, in game screenshots and much more is created within the talented fanbase of Halo. The Halo Community Featured Artist section of Halo Respawn is a place for such artists to be highlighted. With each instalment a new artist will be featured, with a glimpse of their work on show. Each art piece will feature the artwork and description.

This featured artist is named Mooreshots. Mooreshots specialises in action figure based art and edits. This type of content is somewhat rare in the Halo community but Mooreshots without a doubt makes up for this content gap with extraordinary artwork and skill. You can find some examples of their work below.

Still Too Soon If You Ask Me

Figure I used is the sqaure enix playarts kai series. I kicked dirt to give it that look and lightroom to enhance the energy sword.

Scenes Of Halo Infinite Trailer

So Halo as a Christmas from me to the fans. I challenged myself to recreate certain scenes of halo infinite trailer using toy photography. I accomplished just that. My gift to you and the fans.

Chief Has Found Noble 6

Chief has found noble 6. Hiding in a cave stuck on Reach.

Untitled (Spartan Angel)

Sometimes people ask me where I get my ideas for my toy photography. Well when I am at work I simply get a idea and draw it. Here I did this epic shot. Perfectly all because of my amazing sketch.

You can find more of Mooreshots artwork on their Instagram Account or on their Twitter Account.

You can check out more featured artists and fan content on Halo Respawn. If you want to talk to the team, answer some polls, have a discussion or just post some memes, you can also find the Halo Respawn team on Twitter.

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