Halo Community: Featured Artist – Sir_Chewy

The Halo Community is filled with many wonderful artists. Fan art, concept art, in game screenshots and much more is created within the talented fanbase of Halo. The Halo Community Featured Artist section of Halo United is a place for such artists to be highlighted. With each instalment a new artist will be featured, with a glimpse of their work on show.

It’s time for an awesome SFM artist that deservers a lot more attention and praise. That’s right, I’m talking about Sir_Chewy. Their Twitter bio says ‘sfm guy with no self esteem‘. Maybe the Halo community can help by going over and sending support. Trust me, you’ll want to after seeing the awesome work below. Without further ado, here’s some awesome work from Sir_Chewy.



Night Patrol

Push Through

A big thank you to Sir_Chewy for wanting to take part and chatting with me. If you wanna see more epic SFM art by Sir_Chewy, head on over on their Twitter profile and Deviantart. There’s sure to be some PC screensaver quality stuff there.

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