Halo Community: Featured Artist – Venommoe

The Halo Community is filled with many wonderful artists. Fan art, concept art, in game screenshots and much more is created within the talented fanbase of Halo. The Halo Community Featured Artist section of Halo United is a place for such artists to be highlighted. With each instalment a new artist will be featured, with a glimpse of their work on show.

This weeks Featured Artist is Venommoe. Venommoe is a jack of all traits artist, but seems to be a master of them all. 3D art, concept art, sketches and more are all types of art that Venommoe produces. Venommoe doesn’t just create Halo art either, so there’s likely art for everyone over on Venommoe’s Twitter. That being said, this piece is about Halo art features, so please enjoy the awesome Halo themed pieces provided by Venommoe below.

Brute Overpaint Idea

Spartan Station Sketch

Pelican Sketch

Armour Concept Art

A massive thank you to Venommoe for providing the 4 images featured above. You can also check out more of Venommoe’s artwork over on their ArtStation profile.

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