Halo Community: Featured Content Creator – Arrrash

The Halo Community is filled with many wonderful Content Creators. Whilst the Featured Artist section of Halo Respawn focuses solely on art, the Featured Content Creator section focuses solely on video related content. Be this YouTube videos, Podcasts or gaming streams.

The Halo Community Featured Content Creator section of Halo Respawn is a place for such passionate fans to be highlighted. With each instalment a new content creator will be featured, with a glimpse of their work on show. Each video will link to their original work (YouTube, Twitch, Mixer ect.).

Our first featured content creator is named Arrrash. Arrrash is a YouTuber that focuses on two major points. Gameplay and Honesty. Whilst some YouTubers may dance around certain aspects, Arrrash is adored by his fans for being honest and straight to the point with his content. Below you can find a few examples of these points.

Why I Love Halo

In this video I talk about why I love Halo.

Are Unintended And Unintuitive Mechanics Good For Games?

In this video I talk about whether unintended and unintuitive mechanics are good for games

10 Beginner Halo Reach Tips & Tricks

In this video I give you guys 10 beginner Halo Reach tips and tricks.

You can find more of Arrrash on their YouTube Channel, their Twitch Account or on their Twitter Account.

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