Halo Community: Featured Project – Glitch’s Halo UE4 Project

The Halo Community is filled with a never ending amount of wonderful people and creations. The Featured Artist section of Halo Respawn focuses solely on art, the Featured Content Creator section focuses solely on an individual and now, there’s the Featured Project section of Halo Respawn. The Featured Project section focuses on all times of mods, music and more.

The Halo Community Featured Project section of Halo Respawn is a place for projects of any size and scale to be highlighted. Whether it’s a solo creator making a mod, or an entire team working towards something big, each Halo Community Featured Project will help answer some questions and shed some light as to where the project started and where it is going.

This featured project doesn’t yet have an official name, but it’s a Halo UE4 Untitled project. To make things easier for the questions, we’ll just stick to calling it Halo Project from here on out. Whilst the title might not give much information, luckily it’s creator Glitch was happy to answer a few answers below, so lets get into it.

Q1. How and when did the Halo Project start?

The project started in late 2018, I wasn’t going anywhere at that time, I was just making some renders and did a few tests. Until late 2019, I started to actually do a lot of progress until now. As to how it started, I was just tired of my earlier projects and I wanted to move on to something I really love which was Halo, so I decided to make a Halo fan game for fun.

Q2. How many people make up the team that are currently working on the Halo Project?

Just me, sure a few modellers worked on the fan game for me but they were mostly making the models as part of commissions/deals so I won’t say it really counts.

Q3. Could you give me some more details on the goals and gameplay of the Halo Project?

I don’t want to go in depth for the goal of the project right now, but I mostly plan on making singleplayer content.

Q4. How long has the Halo Project been in development? Is there an estimated finish date?

For 1 year and a half, I could say a few months since I actually did actual work just a couple of months ago so yeah. No estimated date.

Q5. Do you plan to only make one Halo related project, or would you like to create more in the future?

I would love to just finish this project first before asking myself if I will make any more.

Q6. Is this project something you want a full team working on, or are you focusing on creating it all yourself?

I’d like a full team, but I also prefer working by myself and get a few people that can help me from time to time.

Q7. Where can people find out more about the game?

On my Twitter, or my Youtube channel. I won’t promise my Youtube channel to be a great source though, I only posted one video to see how it goes since my audience and old content was not Halo so it really depends if I will keep posting on there.

For more information on the project, you can head over to Glitch’s Twitter Account. I personally can’t wait to see this awesome project get some well deserved attention!

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