Halo Community: Featured Project – Halo Infinite Nintendo 64 Trailer

Well well well, we’re back with Halo Community features. It sure has been a while, but now we’re back and ready to go! This is one of many awesome Community Featured Projects to be featured here on Halo United, so be sure to browse the other awesome community feature pieces too.

The Halo Community Featured Project section of Halo United is a place for projects of any size and scale to be highlighted. Whether it’s a solo creator making a mod, or an entire team working towards something big, each Halo Community Featured Project will help answer some questions and shed some light as to where the project started and where it is going.

The focus of this feature is an awesome Halo Infinite Cutscene Remake that specialises in the retro look and feel. As the title implies, these retro visuals and sounds take inspiration from many Nintendo 64 titles, such as Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64. I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with Hoolopee about this project, so please enjoy our Q&A below.

Q1. What made you want to remake the Halo Infinite trailer?

The backlash to Halo Infinite’s graphics was really overblown. I thought it’d be fun to lean into the controversy and deliberately make it look as s**t as possible. 

Halo 64 – Wide alt cam view

Q2. How did you get into making retro themed remakes?

I’m just a huge fan of hideous early 3D graphics and want to see more of it. It’s so awkward and nostalgic. Game graphics will generally look realistic for the majority of their existence, so I think the old clunky graphics will stand out more as time goes on.

Halo 64 – Wide alt cam view no texture

Q3. Have you got any more Halo projects you’ve previously worked on?


Halo 64 – view of chief behind cam

Q4, Do you plan on making more Halo Infinite content once the game releases?

Nothing planned. If there’s a fun or creative angle I can take with it, why not.

Chief before and after N64-ification

Q5. Do you have a background in games design and effects outside of your fan projects?

I’m currently the head of VFX for a London-based production company. I only have minor experience with making games, but have made some video game commercials!

Halo 64 – outside the cockpit

Q6. What made you decide on the games you wanted to parody? (E.g. banjo voice lines, mario sound effects.)

I just thought ruining the crash scene with thwomp noises and Banjo dialogue was pretty funny. There’s a lot more references to N64 games sprinkled throughout. Makes it more fun to re-watch. 

I didn’t want to do another shot-for-shot remake like Death Stranding. Selfishly, it’s just more fun if I can get creative and add some gags. I think it’s been received really well though.

Halo 64 – Crash scene zoom out

Q7. If people wanted to check out all your projects, where is the best place for them to do so?

I have my channel! – http://youtube.com/hoolopee. I also post in-progress stuff on insta and twitter – @hoolopee.

Halo 64 – I downloaded the mario 64 painting room and added chief

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