Halo Community: Featured Project – The Flood: Feet First Into Hell

The Halo Community is filled with a never ending amount of wonderful people and creations. The Featured Artist section of Halo Respawn focuses solely on art, the Featured Content Creator section focuses solely on an individual and now, there’s the Featured Project section of Halo Respawn. The Featured Project section focuses on all times of mods, music and more.

The Halo Community Featured Project section of Halo Respawn is a place for projects of any size and scale to be highlighted. Whether it’s a solo creator making a mod, or an entire team working towards something big, each Halo Community Featured Project will help answer some questions and shed some light as to where the project started and where it is going.

Our first featured project goes to The Flood: Feet First Into Hell. Being produced by the small Spanish development team named Keymind, their goal is to make a custom campaign based on the book “Halo The Flood”, with a story that follows the character Lieutenant Melissa McKay. I spoke with Robert Lyra, one of the co-founders of the Keymind development team about this project.

Q1. For those who may not have heard about the project before, what exactly is The Flood: Feet First Into Hell?

The Flood: Feet First Into Hell is a mod of the Halo CE engine on PC that aims to be it’s own standalone game. This game is a re-imagining of the story behind LT. Melissa McKay and takes place during the events of the novel “Halo The Flood”.

Q2. What was the inspiration behind creating such a project?

The inspiration behind this project was the lack of recognition for certain characters in the Halo universe, such as Melissa McKay. We want to give her the place she deserves.

Q3. How did the team behind the project come together?

The keymind dev team came together when the creator of the project was looking for Halo CE modders. The dev team consists of Halo CE modders that enjoyed the sound of the project and as such agreed to work on it.

Q4. When did the project start and when does the team plan to have it finished?

This project started its concept stage in February 2019 and a prototype came out in April 2019. We have no finish line currently, but we want to launch a demo this year before halo infinite.

Q5. Have you had any support from the team over at 343 Industries on the project?

Nope, we have not had support from the team. This is mainly due to the fact that the English speaking community barely notices us. It would be awesome if they could give us the support we need in the future.

Q6. For those wanting to help out on the project, will there be any positions on the team available now or in the future?

Of course! We’re looking for people right now. We currently have a team of 7 working right now and it would be awesome if people could show us what they can do.

Q7. Where can people find out more about the project? Do you have any pages and socials?

Our Facebook page is currently our primary media, but sadly it is only in Spanish. We are preparing an English version of the Facebook page, a twitter page and possibly concepting for our own website right now.

Please note that slight edits to the answers have taken place to better clarify the goal of Roberts answers. Robert gave his permission for these edits to take place. We hope this short Q&A has helped share some insight into the project.

It’s clear that there is still much more to share in the future about the project, but until that time comes, we’ll have to wait. If you have any questions about the project, I encourage you to visit the The Flood: Feet First Into Hell Facebook page.

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