Halo Respawn – An Update

Hello everyone. Well, what a year it’s been so far eh. The team at Halo Respawn are surprised that the Covenant haven’t invaded yet to be honest. 

Jokes aside, as you can tell by the title, I’m gonna get straight to the point. Halo Respawn has been somewhat silent for a while now. We set out to bring the community together, did some podcasts, posted some articles and then we kinda slowed down.

What have we been up to?

There is a big reason for this slow down though, so bare with me. See our goal as Halo Respawn was to provide a safe, enjoyable and united place for the Halo community to share their love for Halo. What might be less known to those who follow us is that there are other Halo groups out there trying to do the same. 

Rather than have loads of outlets trying to accomplish the same goal, we simply decided to try and unite these groups together, or at least some of them. You may have heard of The Halo Hub, a strong and thriving Halo community that has similar goals to Halo Respawn. Why do I mention them? Well, we’re partnering up.

Halo United

The team at Halo Respawn and Halo Hub are proud to announce their new partnership as Halo United.  The goal for both teams remains the same as we meld into one larger team. To provide and maintain a safe platform for Halo fans to find, share, collaborate and promote community created Halo content, and to host positive, engaging discussions within the community around the topic of the Halo universe. 

The already available content on the Halo Respawn site, such as featured content, will also remain a focus. Creators, Community Leaders, Content Creators, Projects, Straemers, Podcasts, Lore, Forgers, Competitive Halo, Collectors and many more areas will be featured on the site. After all, it exists for the community.

So What’s Happening To Halo Respawn and The Halo Hub?

So in terms of what’s staying, pretty much everything. The Halo Respawn website will take on the Halo United name in the coming days and continue to be the home for the community. So be on the look out for some visual changes and a new domain name.

The social media accounts for The Halo Hub will remain, but will mainly serve as a redirect to the Halo United social accounts. As for the Halo Respawn Twitter and Facebook, they’ll be transformed, much like the site, into the Halo United platform.

In terms of The Halo Hub Discord, it will be changed into the Halo United discord. This will be one of the only aspects of the previously existing branding being altered into a Halo United brand. On the flip side, the Halo Respawn Discord will be retired after two weeks of this announcement, so be sure to hop over to the new Discord.

The Halo Respawn Podcast is a big part of Halo Respawn. The podcast itself will remain as the Halo Respawn Podcast, but will of course be incorporated into the Halo United family.

As far as all past plans for Halo Respawn go, they’re still in the works, just with a new name and a bigger team. The Community Index is still very much so a goal, along with forums, youtube content and much more.

As far as any additional details go, well, they’ll likely get spread across the Halo United Twitter, Facebook and Discord, so be sure to check those out. 

A big thank you to those who have supported Halo Respawn and The Halo Hub all this time. We hope we can continue to provide a platform for the Halo community for many years to come.

Of course, you’ll be seeing my articles popping up too, so be sure to say hi in the comments or on the socials. Till the next article, wake me when you need me!

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