Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup: Featured Artist – Gergely Szőcs

Hello everyone. Welcome to Halo United. The place that unites all the Halo Community goodness in one place. As always, this week we’ve got another Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup for you all, so be ready for some awesome Halo Community creations.

This spotlight piece will be showing off artwork by Gergely Szőcs. Gergely Szőcs creates a lot of artwork for animations.

In regards to sending over images, we got sent a nice amount. The titles were taken from their original Twitter posts. You can read about why we did this underneath the images.

Spartan Character Sheet Rework

“I’ve decided to slightly rework my Spartan character sheet for the second part of the animation I’m working on”

Bullet Hits Elite Animation

Glassed UNSC colony

Shredder Brute

“I decided to turn the Shredder from TMNT 2003 into a banished brute”

Grunt Character Sheet

Halo Ring Background

Halo Landscape Background

We asked about the titles for the images, along with details on how the images are made. This is the response we received from Gergely Szőcs:

“I never really give titles for my drawings, especially since the recent ones were mostly for animations I’ve been working on. Most of the recent large landscape pieces, such as the ones with the Halo ring are used as backgrounds in my animations.

The Spartan and the Grunt one are both character reference sheets I made. I make most of my character art with Clip Studio Paint, but I use Krita for backgrounds and animating. I edited most of my recent animations with Vegas Pro.

Almost all of my drawings and animations include thin lines near the side of the character/object, which I use to help make the piece more interesting and to help with shading. I don’t really bother too much with line weight because it would be a pain to keep it consistent while animating, and I also got used to not doing it digitally.

I developed how I use those thin lines while experimenting with making my art more detailed, originally the lines weren’t always close to the thicker outlines, but over time I started drawing them closer and closer to the outline.”

A massive thank you to Gergely Szőcs for sending over those pieces and giving us some background on the style and creative process used for their artwork. You can find more from Gergely Szőcs on their Twitter Account and YouTube Channel.

Now it’s time to move onto the Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup, which gives a peak at the past week of features that have gone live over on Halo Spotlight.

Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup

This past week has been a little different for Halo Spotlight. Whilst we’re all used to seeing a lot of artists and artwork, this may be one of the first weeks there hasn’t been a Fanart Feature. Instead, we were treated to the first ever Cosplayer Q&A and the first ever Special Event.

Cosplayer Q&A: Sorzus

Question: Do you have a favourite helmet and favourite weapon to go with the rest of your armour?

Well, actually yes. As I as I told you, I have the Helioskrill helmet, the operator helmet and the classic helmet (the Master Chief), I think that’s Mark VI. My favourite helmet I can say is the operator helmet.”

We won’t spoil the whole Q&A, don’t worry. You can watch the full unedited version above, or find the edited shortened version in written form on the Halo Spotlight Website.

Special Event: Fireteam Ascension 24 Hour Charity Livestream

This event was a very special one. Put together by some of the members of Fireteam Ascension, a Halo cosplay group, the 24 Hour Charity Livestream was a full Halo themed stream to get donations towards Cancer Research UK.

Unfortunately the stream is now over, but they did reach their initial target of £150. The Fundraiser is still live, so if anyone wants to help donate, you can do so by clicking here.

For more details on the past stream, you can read the original piece here. Despite the stream having ended, sharing around the piece or the fundraiser link still helps a lot, so any support is appreciated.

Fireteam Ascension

Halo Spotlight Presents

Halo Spotlight Presents brought yet another talented creator from the Halo Community onboard. This week’s newest member is Emilio Martinez, a sculptor who creates Halo art out of wood. The best thing? You can even own some amazingly crafted wooden Halo creations yourself.

You can find a link to the store, along with all updates and recent creations by Emilio Martinez on their Halo Spotlight Presents page.

!Mok is of course adding more content yet again to their own Halo Spotlight Presents page. !Mok is amassing quite a collection of awesome artwork now, so be sure to check that out here.

The Article, It’s Finished!

Whilst I’d love to say “No, I think we’re just getting started”, sadly this is the end of the piece. Fret not though, as we’ll be back next Sunday (and every Sunday after that) to provide more Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundups.

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