Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup: Featured Artist – MediumGreySky

Hello everyone. Welcome to Halo United. You may have noticed it’s been quite a while since the last “Halo Community” featured piece. That’s because we’ve had a little change behind the scenes, and are now partnered with Halo Spotlight.

As such, the featured pieces known as ‘Halo Community’ pieces will now be known as Halo Spotlight pieces, and will feature one artist, along with a summary of the posts made that week over on Halo Spotlight. These features will happen once a week here on Halo United, so be sure to check up on the site.

This spotlight piece will be showing off artwork by MediumGreySky. MediumGreySky provided descriptions with each piece of artwork, so we hope you enjoy them below.

Survivor Base Camp – Passing Storm

“Inspired by the Infinite trailers. This one took the most amount of time to create and I’m pretty happy with the result. Wasn’t too sure about it at first. Thought I was getting in over my head.”

Stories Of Another Life

“An ex-Covenant Banshee pilot tells stories of the War to a young Sangheili.”

Cradle Of Life Memorial Preserve, Edge Of The African Glassing Site

“I really like the idea of wildlife reclaiming an old battlefield that had been left as-is to serve as a memorial.”

A Dream Of Peace

“This was my very first attempt at a scenebuild (of which the Lion scene is its counterpoint) and I’m still pretty proud of it. I’ve considered revisiting/remastering it at some point in the future, but I also feel like I should leave it alone.”

UNSC Field Medic Attempts To Save The Life Of A Fellow Soldier

“I wanted to visualize one of those small, raw moments that would happen between pages/levels of Halo’s world. A trooper trying to stabilize his fallen friend.”

UNSC Salvage And Research Outpost ‘Carrion

“Picking the bones of a downed Covenant ship as fishing trawlers start to reclaim the waters, careful not to get too close to the UNSC base.”

Wreck of the Ouragan

“Tied for greatest amount of time/effort, personal record holder for most SFM crashes. I made a lot of my scenes as counterpoints to each other: Covenant and UNSC versions. The Covenant crashed ship in water is hopeful, a new start. The UNSC ship is submerged, sombre. An old wound. (I still worry about this one being hard to see on some screens.)”

MediumGreySky also shared some information on what they used to do before creating Halo artwork in Source Filmmaker;

Before I got into SFM I’d been making kind of B-roll cinematic videos of certain Halo levels with the Blind Skull for fun.


If you want to watch one of the above mentioned videos, don’t worry, we’ve saved you the time of looking. You can find one handpicked by MediumGreySky below:

If you want to see more from MediumGreySky, you can visit their Twitter account. You can also visit their Artstation account, which features more of their awesome artwork.

Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup

As mentioned at the beginning, these weekly pieces here on Halo United aren’t just about one artist. We also give a sneak peak on the week of features that have gone live over on Halo Spotlight. Please enjoy them below.

Fanart Feature: Rookie425

Can You Forgive Me, Friend

Hell To Repel (Longshot)

If you want to read the full feature for Rookie425, you can find it here.

Fanart Feature: DerGruneMann

Inika Heroes

It had only been a few days since they arrived on Mahri.
Our island, occupied from shore to shore by the Six Chieftains.
Yet in these warriors we found a sense of hope though some had their doubts.
How could 6 humans take on an army of brutish aliens? Sure they had their own special armor, weapons and equipment but it seemed impossible!
But as they’ve showed, it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it.

Spartan Hussars – Mustafa

“There… The humans on the hill…”
“I see him, Lord General. He’s… He’s holding a… cross?”
“Ultra Veri, tell the artillery commander to fire on that hill.”
“At once, General.”

“Strange… The wind is still. But the Trees still move as if it’s blowing.”

If you want to read the full feature for DerGruneMann, you can find it here.

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