Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup: Featured Artist – Rowller

Hello everyone. Welcome to Halo United. The place that unites all the Halo Community goodness in one place. As always, this week we’ve got another Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup for you all, so be ready for some awesome Halo Community creations.

This spotlight piece will be showing off artwork by Rowller. Rowller creates awesome Halo themed artwork in Source Filmmaker, commonly known as SFM. Rowller was kind enough to send over some pieces of artwork, which you can find below.

Halo Uprising Inspired Piece

“Inspired from a scene from Halo Uprising, I wanted to recreate it in SFM because I liked the idea of ODST’s cabling down into covies”

Covenant Themed Piece

“Wanted to practice forced perspective on this one. When for a covenant theme because I rarely do covie related stuff”

SPG Scorpion Variant

“An SPG variant of the scorpion, cuz its cool”

Chase Scene

“I got my hands on some banished models and made a chase scene with my guy. Also tried comic-like black bars to add focus.”


“I loved how the colours came out, along with the black bars.”

Unit Idea For Halo Wars 2

Halo x Terminator Crossover

A massive thank you to Rowller for sending over such incredible artwork. If you’d like to see more from Rowller, you can do so on their Twitter Account and YouTube Channel.

Now it’s time to move onto the Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup, which gives a peak at the past week of features that have gone live over on Halo Spotlight.

Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup

There was a brand new type of feature over on Halo Spotlight. The first ever Musician Feature showed off some of the incredible music by Alyx G. There was also a new Video Highlight, which showed a fun but NSFW parody by FOTUS. You can check out a preview of these pieces below.

Musician Feature: Alyx G



Those two amazing pieces of music are accompanied by in depth info on how they were made. You can find this info, along with some other pieces of music on Halo Spotlight.

Video Highlight: Snapshot (Thrift shop Parody) (NSFW)

This Video Highlight shows off an incredibly fun but NSFW music video parody, complete with awesome animation and great comedy. We won’t spoil anything in the piece nor the video, but you can check out all the details here.

Halo Spotlight Presents

Halo Spotlight Presents brought on a brand new artist to the section, along with brand new art by those who already have their own Halo Spotlight Presents pages.

AphonicWanderer / Areogous joined the every growing list of creators to have a Halo Spotlight Presents page. There are currently 4 pieces of artwork on their page, with more being added regularly, so be sure to check it out here.

!Mok has once again been adding amazing artwork to their Halo Spotlight Presents page. !Mok continues to expand their ever growing collection, so be sure to check out their page here.

End Of The Line

Well, that’s the end of the piece and the end of the week. Not to worry though, as they’ll be more next Sunday. Thanks for reading the piece, it means a lot to have support from you all. We’ll be back next week to provide more Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundups.

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