Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup: Featured Artist – Vorked

Hello everyone. Welcome to Halo United. The place that unites all the Halo Community goodness in one place. Another Sunday means another Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup for you all to enjoy, and this week is of course no different.

This piece will be showing off artwork by Vorked. Vorked makes Halo themed 3D models and textures, and has helped out with the fan made Halo game Branching Sickness.

The Writing Spartan asked Vorked about how they got into 3D modelling, and what their current creative process is like. Vorked was kind enough to tell us the following:

“Honestly, I got into 3D modelling the worst way I could, which was just trying to edit pre-existing models. It taught me all sorts of awful habits that stayed with me far too long.

I wanted to change and edit models for VR programs like VRChat, while I was still into that whole scene. It was fun seeing what you could make from existing parts, but since then I’ve more progressed towards trying to at least make what I needed.

Since joining the Branching Sickness team, I have been doing what I can to make everything from scratch, even if it’s still following less than stellar processes for creating my assets.

I’ve more recently moved towards better processes for what I am making, but hey sometimes if I see a way to do something quicker and easier, I’m still willing to take it.”

A huge thank you to Vorked for sharing that information with us. Vorked also sent across a number of 3D model examples that they’ve created, some for the previously mentioned fan made Halo game Branching Sickness. Please enjoy them below.

Railgun Recreation

“Earlier work on hard surface, attempting to recreate the railgun as close as humanly possible to the original in-game model.”

Plasma Rifle WIP

“Plasma Rifle WIP shots”

Plasma Rifle In Game Test Render

“And the in-game test render”

FOTUS Armor variant

“An attempt at making my own FOTUS armor variant. Early work, so the armor modeling is very sloppy.”

Halo 5 H2A Battle Rifle

“This is the Halo 5’s version of the H2A battle rifle. It was remade from my original attempt when we needed a replacement for the Branching Sickness battle rifle.”


“Old attempt at an M6C SOCOM. It’s an absolute mess lol. But you gotta start somewhere.”

Halo 3 Firebomb

“My own take on the firebomb from Halo 3.”

Assault Rifle Project

“And the Assault Rifle project I had taken over when another member was unable to finish it.”

Healing Juice

“everyone’s favorite healing juice”

A huge thank you to Vorked. We really appreciate them sending over the awesome examples of their art above. If you’d like to see more, you can check out their Twitter account.

Now it’s time to move onto the pieces that went up over on Halo Spotlight. We’ll give a sneak peak at the past week of features that have gone live over on Halo Spotlight.

Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup

This past week was another Q&A filled week on Halo Spotlight. One Q&A was featuring a Lets Play Series, and the other focused on content creators. You can find snippets of each piece below.

Content Creator Q&A: Supergamekraft’s ‘Halo We Love You’ Series

Question: Could you give us a bit of background on what Supergamekraft is and who is involved with it?

“Yeah absolutely. Supergamekraft was formally a website, (and) is currently a YouTube and Twitch Channel. It started way back with a friend of mine in a game of Halo 3. This was like summer of ’08 with a friend of mine who’d just recently moved across the country.

If you’d like to find the full Q&A, you can read it on Halo Spotlight here.

Content Creator Q&A: Hidden Reach (Team Mi Seng)

Question: Hidden Reach was put together many years ago. How exactly was HiddenReach founded, and how did the name Team Mi Seng come about?

“So to begin with it wasn’t even Hidden Reach. There was a channel prior to Hidden Reach that led to Hidden Reach. I think it was late 2008 or 2009, It was called HLG Invincible. HLG Invincible was the original channel. None of the guys around now were really involved with that.

Much like the other Q&A, you can read it on Halo Spotlight. The audio versions for the above two Q&As will go live on the Halo Spotlight YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out too.

Halo Spotlight Presents

Halo Spotlight Presents has been as busy as ever, adding new pieces of artwork to the multiple pages.

Emilio Martinez added a ton of brand new images for their most recent Grunt sculpture. You can check out the pictures, along with info on where to buy them here.

AphonicWanderer / Areogous had a brand new piece of artwork to their page, so be sure to check out their awesome artwork here.

!MOK has added some brand new pieces to their Halo Spotlight Presents page too, so you can go and check out all their new art over on Halo Spotlight.

Roll Credits

The end of this weeks piece is here, but the awesome creations of the Halo community never end. Check out the links below for the places to find the new community creations.

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