New Cortana Audio Found!

By the rings…

Thanks to fellow Halo fan Xepyal on Twitter, a new clue about the future of Halo has been brought to light. In the “Discover Hope” E3 trailer, a  hidden QR code leads to a particularly interesting Cortana audio file. 

Our very own HardlySane put together a video detailing the audio clip, but also the community reaction and discussion that quickly surrounded it.

The clip begins with the sound of someone walking, then Cortana can be heard saying, “This.. This is part of me. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it is me.” Who is Cortana talking to? The common theory among fans is that she is speaking to either a new Cortana copy or a fragment lost somewhere in the past. Possibly the Cortana that died after the events of Halo 4? Taking into account that CTN-0453-0 is the serial number on the AI chip seen in the trailer, and Cortana’s tag is CTN-0452-9, it is safe to say that Cortana is interacting with a brand new version of herself.

The audio also seems to sync-up decently well with the end of the trailer, where Master Chief can be seen walking through the control room. r/awakemindfulone on Reddit has also pointed out that within the URL of the audio link itself, is a series of coordinates, the exact same coordinates seen on the dashboard of the pelican in the trailer. 

Considering that the trailer that contained this little secret came out over a month ago, it makes me wonder what other goodies 343 has stashed away in the marketing of Halo: Infinite. According to @Robeyonekenobi on Twitter, the Director of Player Voice at 343, there is much more to be found. Spartans! Put your detective helmets on!

I leave you with this fan art by @Spartan_Mandy on Twitter, depicting the scene from the Audio File.

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