No Halo Outpost In 2020 Could Mean A Huge Halo Fest In 2021

Halo Outpost Discovery 2019 was certainly the first of it’s kind for Halo. A travelling convention of sorts, travelling state to state to provide a Halo fans dream event. It’s certainly no stretch to say that the event had a few bumps in the road, but overall it was a success.

It may be sad news for some fans to hear that unfortunately Halo Outpost Discovery will not be returning in 2020. Many fans expected Halo Outpost in 2020 to give many of them their first look at Halo Infinite, and even some hands on time with the game. John Friend, the Head of Halo Consumer Products for 343 Industries, explained the details in a tweet.

“we will unsurprisingly be taking a break from touring in Summer 2020 as we focus on preparing Halo Infinite for launch this fall. We’ve got a lot to land as a whole, and my consumer products team has a lot of fun, new things in the pipeline.”

John Friend, Head Of Halo Consumer Products

Then What Will 2021 Hold For Halo Events?

In short no one really knows. It’s likely 343 Industries are putting all their focus into Halo Infinite, so haven’t even thought that far ahead. With 2021 being the 20th Anniversary of Halo, it’s also likely that they will plan something huge to celebrate, as they did for the 10th Anniversary with Halo Fest. There was also another Halo Fest held in 2014, to celebrate MCC and the 10th Anniversary of Halo 2.

Whilst Halo Fest 2011 was held at PAX Prime, Halo Fest 2014 was a standalone event. It’s likely that if a Halo Fest happens in 2021, it’ll be somewhat a combination of both of these approaches. Halo Fest 2021 will likely combine with the idea Halo Outpost Discover Introduced, and become a wondering Halo event to celebrate 20 years of Halo.

Halo Infinite comes out in 2020 though, so what could they possibly talk about at events in 2021? Well the answers to that are simple, we just need to look at what was revealed at past Halo events. Back at Halo Fest 2014, we had the first look at the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta, the world premiere of Halo: Nightfall and a global Halo Tournament.

Halo Fest 2021 could easily host multiple Halo tournaments. A world premiere of the upcoming Halo Showtime TV series would also be expected at an event next year. Last but not least is some sort of game reveal. It’s no secret that multiple Halo games are in production, as revealed by many job listings on the 343 Industries website. Halo Fest 2021 would be the perfect time to reveal these as a surprise.

What do you think could be shown at an event celebrating Halo’s 20th Anniversary? Will we possibly see a Halo Combat Evolved 20th Anniversary Remaster? Let us know on Halo Respawn.

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