Top 3 Enemies We’d Like To See In Halo Infinite

Throughout the Halo Universe many enemies have appeared and disappeared. There have also been some enemies, such as the Elites, that have joined the player’s side and become allies. With the Covenant now truly destroyed by the Swords of Sanghelios, it has become a common topic among fans just who the enemies are going to be in Halo Infinite.

Of course, new enemies are expected be created for Halo Infinite since The Created have now been established as an enemy faction. The Banished from Halo Wars 2 are also another faction of enemies. That does leave fans wondering what species will return from the previous titles. Here are the top 5 enemies that fans would like to see return in Halo Infinite.


First appearing in Halo 2, these flying enemies were a surprise to all fans. Introduced to the players as “Buggers”, these insect-like creatures flew around in small groups. Despite being incredibly weak, these plasma pistol wielding foes were no joke. On Legendary difficulty they could easily defeat the player in seconds. After Halo 2, Drones were seen in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach, but have been absent from the series since.

Drones are always a talking point among fans when discussing enemies. They added a unique element to gameplay that other enemies could not provide. The large groups of Drones produced an urgent threat. A threat that players couldn’t simply hide from. This kind of threat has only been visible by the Promethean Crawler, due to their usual attacks in groups and fast movement. However, the series is still lacking a difficult airborne enemy, as Promethean Watchers don’t provide much threat to the player.

Drones would work extremely well in Halo Infinite due to how open the game is expected to be. With such a large space for these enemies to move around in, there are many scenarios in which Drones could pose a problem to the player. Drones could also be given other weapons to mix up gameplay,  which would allow new experiences for the player.


Jackals are an enemy from the Halo franchise that provide an incredibly diverse level of encounters. Fans often talk about Halo 2 Outskirts on Legendary difficulty and how difficult it was due to the Jackal snipers. An interesting fact about the Jackals is that there are different species throughout the Halo games. Although most Halo enemies have multiple species due to the change in art style from Bungie to 343 Industries, Jackals have multiple species due to a new type of enemy being introduced. This new species of Jackal were known as Skirmishers in Halo Reach.

Much like Promethean Crawlers or Drones, Skirmishers travel around in small groups. Skirmishers were also incredibly fast and agile, making them difficult to shoot. Skirmishers have only ever appeared in game in Halo Reach and have been requested by fans ever since. Their gameplay style often includes running and jumping around players incredibly fast. This combined with them wielding the plasma pistol makes them incredibly hard foes to fight when in large groups.

If Halo Infinite incorporates large open spaces, then we can assume these spaces will fit perfectly for Jackal based gameplay. Combining the Skirmishers style of flanking and attacking in groups with that of Jackal snipers, it would certainly pose a large threat for any player encountering them. Standard Jackals would also of course return, however, these pose less of a threat than their counterparts.


Hunters are by far one of the most interesting enemies in the Halo universe. Hunters are essentially a gathering of small worm like creatures known as Lekgolo. Once these Lekgolo gather together and form a single colony, they are then known as Mgalekgolo. Hunters themselves are an incredibly fun enemy to fight, but what is even more interesting are the possibilities that Lekgolo provide for enemies. Lekgolo have been used in the large tank like vehicles known as Scarabs. Lekgolo therefore provide a large range of possibilities as enemies in the Halo franchise.

As seen in Halo Wars 2, there are many Mgalekgolo variants. It would be interesting to see some of these variants in Halo Infinite, as they have not yet been introduced to a First Person Shooter Halo title. The Goliath, for example, is an incredibly large mass of Lekgolo that is similar to that of a tank. It is incredibly terrifying and has the potential to destroy entire waves of human soldiers alone. There are also vehicle based Lekgolo enemies such as a Skitterer, which are incredibly lethal despite their small size. These would be perfect to see in Halo Infinite.

There is also the possibility of brand new Lekgolo based units being created. With Lekgolo creating many types of enemy units, it is extremely exciting to see what we could get in the future. Perhaps a Mgalekgolo so large that it poses a threat to every faction in the game? Maybe small groups of Lekgolo that act like landmines? There are many possibilities with this enemy other than just being Hunters, so I look forward to seeing if 343 Industries implement the full potential of Lekgolo in the future.

From brand new enemies to returning fan favourites, there are endless possibilities in Halo Infinite to what enemies we may see. What enemies would you like to see return in Halo Infinite? Is your top 3 different? You can let us know on the Halo Respawn team on Twitter. We also have a Halo Respawn Discord for those who would like a more personal discussion, or just some Halo memes.

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