Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Clip (4K Wallpapers)

During the 2019 Game Awards, we were gifted with a reveal trailer for the next generation of Xbox called Xbox “Series X”. One clip, in particular, fascinated us, the Master Chief running and gunning to a cliff. Anybody else notice the similarity to the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer here? Hopefully, it’s not just us feeling that way.

Personally, I feel the clip with Chief is the kind of atmosphere we should be expecting in Halo Infinite, and if the graphics in this trailer are what we will be getting with Halo Infinite…then it’s going to an incredible time for Halo and the next generation of Xbox.

I’m sure some of you might be wanting Halo Infinite 4K wallpapers from the video, so we took the liberty of grabbing some shots for you to enjoy <3


What are your thoughts on Xbox Series X? What do you think this trailer provided us in terms of information for Halo Infinite? Let us know your thoughts so we can share them on the Halo Respawn Podcast!

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